This certificate program provides a solid foundation in safety for Safety Officers, Assistant Safety Officers, and other positions in an incident command structure. This program is intended to augment training taken through FEMA, in order to provide skills and knowledge necessary to ensure the safety of workers participating in all phases of an incident/emergency response. Download the program flyer to share this information with colleagues. 


  • Advance your career by bringing essential skills and knowledge to your workplace
  • Create a safer workplace environment for yourself, your co-workers, and your employees
  • Choose electives that pertain to your workplace and career goals
  • Gain confidence and knowledge about OSHA standards and best practices from the only OSHA-authorized training center in Region 10
  • Apply your previously completed OSHA courses towards certificate completion, and receive discounts on any additional OSHA courses taken after graduation

It is required that applicants complete their OSHA courses and IS-100.c, IS-200.c, and IS-700.b through prior to enrolling in the final Emergency Safety Officer course. Note: FEMA courses can be taken online.

Emergency Management Institute Courses taken through

  • IS-100.b or 100.c
  • IS-200.b or IS-200.c
  • IS-700.a or 700.b

FEMA transcripts can be requested here. Have them sent to:

​The Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Center
4225 Roosevelt Way NE, Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98105

Note: OSHA 3015 & OSHA 7410 cannot be used as electives simultaneously.

Required Courses

Courses that are required for more than one certificate program do not need to be repeated.

Course Code  Course Name  Hours  Est. Cost*
521 OSHA #521 OSHA Guide to Industrial Hygiene 26 $825
7505 OSHA #7505 Introduction to Incident (Accident) Investigation 7.5 $250
ESO Emergency Safety Officer Course 20 $725

Additional Required Courses

You are required to take 1 of the following:

Elective Courses

Electives cannot be counted toward more than one certificate. If you are enrolled in multiple certificate programs and you complete a course that is an elective for multiple certificates, the course will be counted towards the first certificate for which you have not yet fulfilled the elective requirement(s), based on the certificate enrollment date. Courses that have been taken as part of a certificate program cannot be counted as an elective in another program, unless all other options have been exhausted. For more information, see our FAQ.

Electives Group A

You are required to take 1 of the following electives.

Electives Group B

You are required to take 2 of the following electives.

* Estimated cost does not include discounts for students or government employees. See course details for more info.

Application Fee