Enroll today in our certificate programs to advance your knowledge and skills in a focused area of workplace safety! Our programs are designed to provide comprehensive training for those looking for a solid grounding in OSHA standards and an understanding of the complex occupational health and safety issues that confront workplaces today. In addition to workplace safety, we offer a certificate in green chemistry and chemical stewardship. 

Certificates are an important indicator of professionalism and dedication to quality health and safety programs. Companies that employ our graduates obtain safety specialists who understand incident prevention techniques and who can provide cost-effective answers to regulatory requirements.

Core courses provide the fundamentals of occupational safety and health regulations.  Elective courses enable students to custom-design a program to address specific workplace needs. Certificate graduates receive discounts on other Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Center classes.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Safety & Health Certificate Programs

Construction Safety & Health Specialist Certificate

The focus of this certificate is construction industry regulations. The coursework prepares the advanced S&H professional in construction to become an authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer for the OSHA 10- and 30-hour Construction Safety courses.

Emergency Safety Specialist Certificate

This certificate program provides a solid foundation in safety for Safety Officers, Assistant Safety Officers, and other positions in an incident command structure. This program is intended to augment training taken through FEMA, in order to provide skills and knowledge necessary to ensure the safety of workers participating in all phases of an incident/emergency response.

General Industry Safety & Health Specialist Certificate

This certificate focuses on general industry regulations. Certificate holders are prepared to be authorized Outreach Trainers for OSHA 10 and 30 hour in General Industry.

Maritime Safety & Health Specialist Certificate

The focus of this certificate program is on maritime industry regulations. The coursework prepares advanced S&H professionals in the maritime industry to become authorized OSHA Outreach Trainers for the 10- and 30-hour courses for Shipyards, Marine Terminals, or Longshore operations.

Occupational Hygiene Awareness Certificate

Our new Occupational Hygiene Awareness Certificate is for individuals who have been assigned duties in worker health and who have industrial hygiene technician responsibilities. This certificate provides a basic framework for exposure assessment and control methods and OSHA regulations. No experience required.

Safety & Health Leadership Certificate: Construction

This certificate is intended for those with supervisory or leadership responsibilities in the construction industry. It provides general information on the health and safety regulatory framework in construction.  No experience required.

Safety & Health Leadership Certificate: General Industry

This certificate program provides information on the health and safety regulatory framework for those with supervisory or leadership responsibilities in the general industry sector.  No experience required.

Total Worker Health Certificate

The Certificate in Total Worker Health ® is designed to offer occupational safety and health professionals and students an understanding of the Total Worker Health (TWH) approach, and to be competent to begin to implement its concepts within organizations. It provides information on the key determinants of physical and psychological health encountered at work, and how to be better equipped to act on these determinants as part of an interdisciplinary workplace team.

Green Chemistry & Chemical Stewardship Online Certificate Program

This certificate program provides professionals with new tools for incorporating chemical toxicity and human health considerations into product design, materials selections and supply chain decision-making. The courses focus on sustainability business models and green chemistry principles to prevent and reduce pollution at the source. Program participants may register for all 3 courses at one time, or register at least 2 weeks before the start of each course.

About the certificate programs

In what order should I take classes?
Most certificates have no required order for enrolling in courses. For students new to safety, we recommend taking OSHA 510 or OSHA 511 first as a good introduction to OSHA standards. Trainer courses have prerequisites (i.e., OSHA 510 must be taken prior to taking OSHA 500).

Can courses I have already taken count toward the certificate?
Courses that have been taken up to four years prior to your date of application can be counted toward a certificate.

Can I take courses from other OSHA Education Centers?
Yes. Up to two OSHA-numbered courses from other OSHA Education Centers can be applied to your certificate. 

 May I substitute similar training for one of the certificate courses?
No, we do not generally allow substitutions for the required courses.

Can I apply for more than one certificate?
Yes. Courses that are required for more than one certificate program do not need to be repeated. 

Can electives be counted toward more than one certificate? 

No. If you are enrolled in multiple certificate programs and you complete a course that is an elective for multiple certificates, the course will be counted toward the first certificate for which you have not yet fulfilled the elective requirement(s), based on the certificate enrollment date. Courses that have been taken as part of a certificate program cannot be counted as an elective in another program, unless all other options have been exhausted.

Can I get college credit for the courses I've taken?
The University of Washington does not offer college credit for OSHA courses.

Where can I see my transcript?
The Continuing Education program maintains comprehensive transcripts in your student account.

Can I apply my courses and certificates to the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) for Certification Maintenance Points?
Yes, ABIH Certification Maintenance and Certified Safety Professional Refresher Points can be obtained for many of our courses. Please view ABIH and/or BCSP websites for credit criteria.

Can I apply my VA education benefits?
Yes, veterans who reside in Washington state who are eligible for VA education benefits can use their benefits while pursuing certificate programs from the Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Center. Please contact the UW Veterans Education Benefits Office to set up your benefits before you enroll in a certificate program or register for courses. Additional information can be found at veteran.uw.edu.

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