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Course credits: 1.0
Course contact hours: 10
Seats available: 23
Instructor(s): Mr. Harvey McGill

Class description

This course will provide participants with information about and hands-on experience with the process for transitioning to safer chemicals, as well as the key methods, tools, and databases that can assist in this process. More specifically, the course will guide participants through OSHA’s seven-step substitution planning process for understanding and evaluating chemical use, identifying and assessing alternatives, and implementing those alternatives that are safer.

The target audience is purchasing staff, maintenance supervisors, facility managers, and workers who utilize hazardous chemicals at their worksites, along with occupational safety and health professionals who provide technical assistance on the control of chemical hazards.


May 6-7, 2024
9:00 am to 3:00 pm Pacific Time | Monday–Tuesday


Registration for this online class is generally restricted to residents or employees within OSHA Region 10 (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska). Please contact us regarding your eligibility to attend the class.

Zoom Video Conference Virtual Classroom Format: attendees are required to have an active audio and video connection using a desktop or laptop computer, a cellphone connection is insufficient for class participation. A high speed internet connection is recommended.

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OSHA #7225 Transitioning to Safer Chemicals

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