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This month, we are thrilled to highlight Harvey McGill, a highly skilled communicator, educator, facilitator, presenter, and trainer with extensive experience in applying adult education theories and models. Harvey promotes an anticipative, predictive, proactive, and responsive approach to occupational health and safety, helping adult learners understand how to manage their own health and safety in various dynamic workplace environments. 

As a lifelong learner, Harvey believes in maintaining the personal dignity of those he serves by emphasizing that everyone has a responsibility to create a safe and healthy workplace, regardless of the circumstances. He primarily uses the Socratic Method, engaging participants in a way that fosters mutual respect and validation of their contributions. Inspired daily, Harvey's mission is to help everyone understand the "Key" to their health and safety: Keep Educating Yourself! 


Harvey's passion for teaching and his dedication to occupational health and safety are evident in his own words: 


“My inspiration for teaching continuing education health and safety curriculums comes from the amazing individual influence and impact which I can personally make upon our very diverse and engaging audiences who seek to improve the well-being of their workforce and be prosperous in pursuing their aspirations to positively move forward in their organizational pursuit of excellence.

Receiving reoccurring positive acknowledgement from our students regarding how they have been successfully able to implement the concepts and principles shared in our courses is a driving force in my desire to continually improve my skills and abilities to help meet the emerging needs of the wonderful people we are so privileged to serve.”


Harvey's Upcoming Courses 

We invite you to learn more about Harvey's approach and philosophy, and to check out his latest course Supervisory Safety & Health Duties on June 10, 2024! This three-day course will cover the general safety and health requirements in 29 CFR 1910 from the standpoint of supervising, training, administering, and organizing safety and health programs. It will also include regulatory requirements and specific applications for written program requirements, documentation, discipline, hazard evaluation, and control and compliance.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of workplace safety and become a proactive leader in your organization.


Check Harvey's Upcoming Courses

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