Thousands of workers are injured on the job each year. Accidents in the workplace are preventable- so why do these incidents still happen? There are many reasons why. Root cause analysis identifies approaches, techniques, and tools to uncover the systematic causes of a workplace injury, death and or near miss. Both courses are led by an engaging expert instructor who focuses on peer-to-peer learning.

The 1-day Basic course begins with an introduction to the root cause analysis system for incident investigation. Course participants will leave with a fundamental understanding of the procedure for incident investigation using root cause analysis and an introductory understanding of appropriate preventive measures or corrective actions. The 1-day course is a good option for leaders and professionals who are looking for a basic understanding of root cause analysis.

Diving even deeper, the 3-day Advanced course includes the same introductory content and continues with a more in-depth look that will include detailed case scenarios and interactive exercises. Course participants will obtain data collection and analysis skills that will equip them to conduct incident investigations and to implement appropriate corrective actions. Health and safety professionals, supervisors and workers with an interest in performing safety and accident investigation should attend.

Root Cause Analysis System for Incident Investigation - Basic

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Root Cause Analysis System for Incident Investigation - Advanced

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Rocco Meraglia, B.Ad, Dip. OHS, CRSP, Cashman Global (HSE & Security) Management LLC
Rocco Meraglia has over 35 years of experience in health, safety, and emergency services implementation on major global projects. Rocco specializes in root cause analysis, risk management development, and team building workshops in courageous self-leadership, normalization of deviance, incident and systems evaluations, and project management improvements. He is the Principle of MEM HSE Services Consulting, and has conducted over 500 high potential root cause analysis incident investigations for clients globally.

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