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Certificate Program Guidelines & FAQ

The Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Center offers seven different certificates for individuals interested in an additional way to advance their knowledge and skill in focused areas of workplace safety. Each certificate has up to seven required core courses, selected by industry experts and our experienced trainers. The courses reflect up-to-date content needed by safety professionals. In addition, some certificate programs include an elective course that more specifically relates to a professional's workplace or career goals. Click here to see an overview of all 7 certificate programs.

Photo of fishing boat with nets and ropesCertificates offer training for individuals who want solid grounding in OSHA regulatory compliance requirements and the complex occupational health and safety issues that confront businesses today. The Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Center certificates are an important indicator of professionalism and dedication to quality health and safety programs. Companies that employ our graduates obtain safety specialists who understand accident prevention techniques and who can provide cost-effective answers to regulatory requirements.

Program Guidelines

You may apply for more than one certificate at a time and apply relevant core courses to any certificate where those courses are required; however, electives are specific to each certificate program. You may apply up to two OSHA-numbered courses taken at any OSHA Training Institute Education Center to a Pacific Northwest OSHA Ed Center Certificate. These courses must have been taken up to four years prior to your application date and a copy of your completion certificate must be sent to us. Once you're accepted into a certificate program, you have up to three years to complete all the requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the standards for admission to the certificate programs?
Participants must currently be working in construction or general industry in a position that includes some responsibility for health and safety. Some certificates have additional requirements (i.e., five years of experience in safety and health).

In what order should I take classes?
Most certificates have no required order for enrolling in courses. However, for students new to safety, we recommend taking OSHA 510 or OSHA 511 first, as they are a good introduction to OSHA Standards. Trainer courses have prerequisites (i.e., OSHA 510 must be taken prior to taking OSHA 500).

What constitutes successful completion of courses?
The individual courses have graded tests or activities that must be passed with an 80% score or better. Students are required to complete all required courses and one elective to receive a certificate. Certificates do not expire.

How long does it take to complete certificate requirements?
Participants can complete a certificate as quickly as one year. However, once you start a certificate program, you have three years to complete all courses.

Can courses I have already taken count towards the certificate?
Courses that have been taken up to four years prior to your date of application can be counted toward a certificate.

Can I take courses from other training agencies?
Up to two OSHA-numbered courses from other OSHA Education centers can be applied to your certificate. The course(s) must be completed within the four-year deadline, and our office must receive a copy of your certificate of completion of the course(s) in order for you to receive credit toward the certificate.

May I substitute similar training for one of the certificate courses?
No, we do not allow substitutions for the required courses.

Can I apply for more than one certificate?
Yes, you can. Courses that are required for more than one certificate program do not need to be repeated. Electives cannot be counted toward more than one certificate. If you are enrolled in multiple certificate programs and you complete a course that is an elective for multiple certificates, the course will be counted towards the first certificate for which you have not yet fulfilled the elective requirement(s), based on the certificate enrollment date. Courses that have been taken as part of a certificate program cannot be counted as an elective in another program, unless all other options have been exhausted.

Can I get college credit for the courses I've taken?
At this time, the University of Washington does not offer college credit for OSHA courses.

Where is my transcript kept?
The Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Center keeps student records, course tests, and transcripts on file in our offices. You can also access your current course schedule, including courses completed, via this website.

Can I apply my courses and certificates to ABIH for Certificate Maintenance Points?
American Board of Industrial Hygiene Certification Maintenance and Certified Safety Professional Refresher Points can be obtained for OSHA courses. Please view ABIH and/or BCSP websites for credit criteria.

Can I apply my VA education benefits?
Yes, veterans who reside in Washington State who are eligible for VA education benefits can use their benefits while pursuing certificate programs from the Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Center. Please contact the UW Veterans Education Benefits Office in order to set up your benefits before you enroll in a certificate program or register for courses. Additional information can be found at