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Fostering Positive Psychological Capital & Emotional Effectiveness

People, and how they feel about their work, can have a very significant impact on how they emotionally engage in the workplace each and every day. 

Today’s safety leaders need to understand stress, and emotions in the workplace in order to design a healthy work environment for the 21st century. This course will provide opportunities to examine, explore, and practice positive approaches for increasing individual and group levels of motivation, inclusivity and emotional effectiveness with the ultimate goal of fostering a safe work environment. 

Past participants have shared the importance of learning about psychological capital, hope, efficacy, resiliency and optimism, as a resource in themselves and in others, in order to prepare the people they lead to effectively cope with stress and to effectively manage their emotions. 

Participants will complete an online self-survey to discover what constitutes their positive psychological strengths and potential areas for development.

Class details

Min. course contact hours: 10