These courses incorporate the most recent American Thoracic Society and European Respiratory Society (ATS/ERS) spirometry testing procedures and interpretation standards. The ATS is the leading medical professional society in the United States that provides evidence-based statements for pulmonary function laboratory standards, testing procedures, and the interpretation of test results.

The 2-day initial training course is designed for technicians who have never taken the NIOSH Spirometry certification course, or with certificates more than 5 years old. This class is appropriate for novice as well as highly experienced spirometry technicians.

The 1-day refresher course is designed for experienced spirometry technicians who have completed a NIOSH spirometry certification course within the last five years. Documentation of a valid NIOSH Spirometry certificate is required. Technicians with certificates older than five years must repeat the initial 2-day course to maintain their certification. Evaluation includes a written and practical exam.

The courses cover vital topics including:

  • Basic physiology of the forced vital capacity maneuver and the determinants of airflow limitations
  • ATS/NIOSH instrumentation requirements including calibration check procedures and sources of error and their correction
  • Performance of testing including subject coaching, recognition of improperly performed maneuvers, and corrective actions
  • Data quality with emphasis on repeatability

2-Day Initial Spirometry Training

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1-Day Spirometry Refresher Training

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Martha Horike-Pyne, RPFT, MPH
Martha received her MPH in Epidemiology from the University of Massachusetts and has been working for the University of Washington since 1973. Martha started off with UW as a Research Coordinator for NIH funded pulmonary physiology research studies involving children and adults in pulmonary health effects of air pollution in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences. She now works within the School of Medicine in the Department of Medical Genetics as a Research Scientist for NIH funded investigations of Mendelian pulmonary and autoimmune diseases in children and adults. Martha takes a hands-on approach to spirometry training, with a focus on helping students accurately administer tests and read results.

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