Class description

Series Overview

This mixed-media online series serves as an introduction to a variety of important occupational diseases. The individual 80-100 min units will be rolled out over the next year, and are organized around work-related diseases using public health scenarios and clinical cases.

NIHL Unit: Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

The objectives of the NIHL course are for students to be able to:

1. Describe the irreversible pathophysiological change associated with noise-induced hearing loss.
2. Describe the difference in causation between conductive and sensorineural hearing loss.
3. Describe the notable difference between an audiogram showing noise-induced hearing loss and one showing age-related hearing loss.
4. List three examples of controls to mitigate workplace noise that correspond to levels of the industrial hygiene “Hierarchy of Controls”.
5. Describe the importance of interprofessional collaboration in preventing and treating occupational noise induced hearing loss.