Online Virtual Classroom

Course credits: 2.0
Course contact hours: 20
Seats available: 9
Instructor(s): Mr. Harvey McGill

Class description

This course covers general safety and health requirements from the standpoint of supervising, training, administering, and organizing safety and health programs. It includes regulatory requirements and specific applications for written program requirements, documentation, discipline, hazard evaluation, and control and compliance. The goal for this course is for participants to develop essential knowledge, skills and understanding regarding the core principles of occupational safety and health best practices in meeting relevant OSHA requirements, while acting as an agent for and on behalf of an employer, working effectively with all levels of management in a workplace.


December 4–7, 2023
9:00 am to 3:00 pm Pacific Time | Monday–Thursday

Connectivity requirements to attend the class:
  (1) a high speed internet connection
  (2) a desktop or laptop computer from which to work, i.e. a cellphone connection is insufficient
  (3) an active webcam or onboard camera
  (4) an active audio connection via either a computer microphone or separate telephone connection