Transitioning to Safer Chemical Alternatives

Occupational health professionals are adopting best practices to drive green chemistry and sustainability as a means for protecting the health of workers. Multidisciplinary collaborations with expertise across disciplines support the development of safer chemicals and alternative chemical assessments. By working with partners such as the Washington State Department of Ecology and the Center for Green Chemistry & Green Engineering at Yale University, and others, UW DEOHS OSHCE provides the practice community and educators with newly developed assessment tools, databases, and design approaches for transitioning to safer chemicals in the workplace.

MoDRN: From 2015-2019, our team supported the development of MoDRN- Molecular Design Research Network- to develop a series of teaching modules for undergraduate science and mixed- major/non-major classrooms to introduce the principles of green chemistry and sustainable design.

Cleaning Fact Sheet: In 2020, our team collaborated with the American Public Health Association Occupational Health and Safety Section and Washington State Department of Ecology to develop a fact sheet to help employers and employees develop strategies to prevent infection transmission with safer cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting products.

Our offerings:

For more information, please visit Washington State Department of Ecology.